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At Brush Driveway Sealcoating LLC we are dedicated to giving our customers the highest quality sealer the industry has to offer at a very competitive price, coupled with highly trained professional's who apply the product. 
We work around your schedule and will leave the detailed estimate on your front door if you are not available to be home when we arrive to evaluate the scope of work needed.

Residential Driveways are done by hand with a  brush...not sprayed.
We will prepare your driveway:
* using a high powered blower and steel brush to remove dirt and debris
* treat large oil spots with primer as needed
* fill cracks and pot holes if needed
* seal the complete asphalt surface

Upon completion we will: 
barricade your driveway
* please allow a minimum of 48 hours of no vehicle traffic on treated surface, manufacturer's recommendation

The products we apply are the highest grade in the industry
* coal tar airport grade sealer that contains silicone latex rubberized additive which meets or exceeds FederalSpecification RP-355e
* Tarmax which is a rubberized additive for strength, durability and faster drying time
* Silica Sand for added durability and improved traction
* SealMaster Hot Tar rubberized crack filler, heated to 380 degrees, applied by squeegee for superior coverage as recommended by manufacturer and meets or exceeds Federal Specification ASTM-3405

You will not see the "square footage" measurements on our proposals.
Although "square footage" is one factor, it is not the only factor.
For instance,  if your driveway has been sealed in the past,it will most likely require less sealer and the savings are passed on to you. 
On the other hand if your driveway has never been sealed it will require more sealer to properly do the work !

We will not spray or waterdown our product to meet a competitor's square footage price.

We serve ALL New Jersey counties and have done over 10,000 in Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer and Warren combined over the past 25 years.   

If you would like to receive a "scheduled reminder" to have your annual inspection and asphalt maintenance done...simply provide your email address and information using the form on our "Contact Us" page and we will be please to send you a yearly no charge !

Locations in Bound Brook and Hackettstown,NJ

Contact us for a FREE Evaluation !

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